The Company


  • Collaborate with the cleaning of the world through our plants and processes at each site where such waste is generated..
  • Achieve the best and largest system of oily waste collection in the world.
  • Land and natural resources are a legacy for our children but it is a loan from them to us.


  • Located within the organizations and authorities. competentes.
  • Preserve our natural resources not stop progress.


Ffaiges S.L.

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  • Fama Group, Corporation

  • 26 Avenue 2-28 zone 14 Guatemala C.A.

    Phone 502 + 2383-2700
    Fax 502 + 2383-2727
  • Ecological Plant W1, Corporation

    99.5 kilometer highway to Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala C.A.

    Phone 502 + 5715-3371